Friday, April 20, 2012

Reducing Pica Behavior

   Studies have found that some children may engage in Pica behaviors, because they receive an oral stimulation from the texture of the inedible item.  The use of a Pica Box follows this theory and attempts to replace inedible items with items that are edible, but have the same texture as the inedible item.  The video will demonstrate how to use a Pica Box to help reduce Pica behavior in children.  It will give examples of edible items that can be exchanged for inedible items and it will also give examples of verbal cues that can be used when intervening with the Pica behavior.

The linked articles below provide more information and research on the concept of exchanging edible items for inedible items to help reduce Pica behavior.

by Cassandra Dale

  1. The Use of a Pica Box in Reducing Pica Behavior in a Student with Autism
  2. Reducing Pica Behavior by Teaching Children to Exchange Inedible items for Edibles

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