Friday, May 3, 2013

Butterflies in My Stomach

by Andria

Play therapy has been proven to be an effective intervention when working with children facing stressors in their life (Cochran, Cochran, Fuss, and Nordling, 2010).  Play therapy creates a non-threatening environment where a child is able to engage in self-expression (Cochran et al., 2010).  Often times, when children present themselves for therapy they are initially unwilling to share directly their thoughts and feelings (Lowenstein, 2011).  However, the use of play therapy can break down this reluctance and create an outlet for the child to express his or her feelings and emotions (Lowenstein, 2010).  Therapists who effectively use play therapy can have very productive sessions with children.  One play therapy intervention that is particularly effective is an activity named “Butterflies in My Stomach” (Lowenstein, 2011).


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Lowenstein, L.  (2011). Creative play therapy interventions for children and families.  Retrieved from

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