Friday, May 3, 2013

First Session Family Card Game

 by Breanna
Therapeutic techniques that engage all family members can be difficult to find and use in family therapy sessions. The First Session Family Card Game is designed to engage the entire family in the therapeutic process and in communicating with each other.
This game allows for questions that can be used to understand and observe the dynamics of the family present in therapy which can later be helpful in treatment planning. The questions are created with the purpose of family joining in mind. They also are helpful in allowing families to realize what their goals for treatment consist of. The First Session Family Card Game also includes opportunities for positive interactions between family members such as hugs and small treats further help to engage family members in the therapeutic process.

The First Session Family Card Game can be modified to fit other situations as well. For instance, the questions can be adapted so that the game could be used in a family’s last session of therapy. These questions would focus on the gains the family achieved through the therapeutic process, as well as, what they learned from their sessions and what the therapist learned from them. The game and questions can also be modified to fit specific target populations such as children for children who are experiencing loss or grief.

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